Thinking about using natural slate for a project? You’re in the right place.

Whether you’re restoring a historical gem, crafting a modern wonder or simply making the world a little more beautiful one building at a time, we’ve got the slate for you…so keep reading!

You only need to take a look at our gallery and SSQ Projects for proof that natural slate is the perfect way to crown your building.

There is no substitute for natural slate – and our full range of slates available to you are here.

So now that we agree natural slate looks great, will specifying it be a headache?

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Unlimited support, total reliability and zero problems when specifying natural slate

We understand your need to specify materials that you can trust and make your project shine – that’s where you want to put 100% of your focus (and rightly so!).

The last thing you need is problems with the specification process or worse, problems on site.

That’s why we give you unrivalled product and technical support. Yes, we’ve got 100 year product guarantees, but we don’t stop there…

We’re passionate about getting natural slate onto roofs, so it’s our mission to make the whole process as easy as possible for you.

You won’t believe how easy it is to specify natural slate with us!

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Specifying slate? Check out our resources center for everything you’ll need to know when specifying natural slate

Unlimited support. Total reliability. Zero problems. Zero headaches.

Whether you’re specifying SSQ slate or not, our resources center will instantly make your life easier. We been living and breathing nothing but natural slate for almost three decades and we’ve condensed our expertise to give you everything you need to know to specify slate the smart way… and it’s all available to you in our resources center:

Get Free Access To The Professional Resources Center

The resources center has  architectural drawings, full technical PDFs, comprehensive specification guides and current legislation updates, as well as access to cutting edge project examples.

If you are a construction professional you can get free access to the resources center immediately:

Get Free Access To The Professional Resources Center

We specified SSQ Domiz Blue-grey roofing slate for both technical and aesthetic reasons:its strength and quality gives the performance needed and its cold, hard, colour provides a dramatic foil to the rich warmth of the western red cedar walls.

Mark Webber Architect Nichols Brown Webber

The unrivalled support we give you includes:

Product Support

  • Dedicated Natural Slate Specialists – our specialists are on hand at short notice in case you need a visit to run through your project. They’ll answer all your questions personally.
  • Product guarantees, literature and samples – so it’s easy to keep your clients and colleagues informed and happy.
  • A huge reference list of inspiring case studies to help you choose the right product for your project and specify natural slate confidently.

Technical Support

  • Specification in bespoke format from our technical team
  • Quantity take-offs on drawings submitted
  • Site surveys
  • Installation Method Statement
  • Priority access to our hand-picked team of natural slate contractors
  • Onsite support, supervision and training (if required)

Get Free Access To The Professional Resources Center