SlateTec’s Lightweight Installation System Was Used in the Following Project

Slates: DOMIZ
Thickness: 3/8”-1/2” [10-12mm]
Size & Quantity: Field 12”x10” [30x25mm], 29,650 pieces [157 squares]
Trim 12”x8” [30x20mm], 3,000 pieces
Customer: SlateTec
Roofing Contractor: Kudu Roofing
Project: Private Residential
Location: Denver, Colorado, USA

Denver, Colorado is nicknamed the “Mile-High City” because its elevation is exactly one mile [5,280 feet or 1609.3 meters] above sea level. With the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains in the background our Domiz natural slate has created a stunning roof for this private residence in Denver.

Employing the SlateTec lightweight installation system, Kudu Roofing have installed 157 squares [1,459 squared meters] Domiz [12”x10”x3/8”-1/2”] slates in the field and 3,000 Domiz [12”x8”x3/8”-1/2”] slates as trim. The SlateTec system provides all the well-established benefits of a genuine slate roof plus a reduction in weight of around 40%. Using the SlateTec interlayment, the roof uses far less slates than in a traditional installation.

SSQ Domiz was the slate of choice for this property due to its unfading color, bold texture and proven quality. Domiz natural slate roofing achieves ASTM C406 S-1 as well as the rigorous Norm Francais [NF228]. That’s why we guarantee your Domiz roof for 100 years.