You have multiple ongoing projects. You need quality. You demand choice. And above all you want a supplier you can trust to take the headache out of your specification.

By having the largest selection and stock of Natural Roofing Slate materials on the market today, we fit YOUR bill.

One of the largest stockists of slate

One of the largest selections and stock of natural roofing slate

Standard sizes – 300×250, 600×300, 322×220? Yup we’ve got those. We can accommodate all sorts of colours as well, Green, Grey, Red, Black, Grey-Blue, Blue-Black you name it.

SSQ is in a unique position to provide you with what YOU need at the right time – no hassle, just beautiful looking slate roofs.

We’ve seen the beauty, the joy, and the unique design opportunities offered by natural slate, transforming a private home or a commercial building from a collection of walls to a work of art.

And making your projects look good is important to us. That’s what drives us every day. We only do slate and hence make sure we are good at it. And whilst not every project can be crowned with Natural Slate, that will not stop us from trying. Working with us you will feel looked after and your projects will stand out a mile.


At SSQ we pledge to make your life easy.