How to choose the right slate for you, every time, without hassle, delay or hidden problems.

If you are considering using natural slate on your roof, don’t do anything until you’ve seen the great myths, secrets and lies…

Slate is widely regarded as the diamond of roofing materials. It is versatile, long lasting and aesthetically stunning. A wise choice for any roof…

BUT, it is a complex material that is little understood and often misunderstood even by professionals.

And it’s not surprising really, because the industry fosters the confusion that can lead to design problems, project delays caused by erratic supply, and schoolboy errors during its installation.

Get The Great Natural Slate Myths, Secrets and Lies Now – It’s Free:

Slate is, in my opinion, the finest roofing material available and I want your experience of using slate to be simple, straight-forward and extremely rewarding. That’s why I am revealing the Great Natural Slate Myths, Secrets And Lies.

This insider knowledge will save you time, money and hassle. You’ll be able to quickly, easily and confidently choose the perfect slate for your project. You will discover:

  • How to take the hassle and confusion out of choosing slate
  • How to never over-pay – easily spot the quality slate that fits your budget
  • How to choose a slate that is guaranteed to last the lifetime of the building – despite the claims of many suppliers, there is only one way to guarantee this
  • The single, most important question you should ask any slate supplier or merchant before you make a decision on what slate to use
  • How to avoid the all-too-common problems that stem from the right slate being used in the wrong environment
  • How to make sure you never unwittingly end up with a roof of 2 halves – one that looks great at first, but as it weathers, you discover 2 similar but different slates were used, leaving you with a patchy roof… and egg on your face.

The majority of the industry would rather these myths, secrets and lies remained off limits so they can hoodwink you into shifting the slate that suits them commercially, rather than the one that is right for you.

But it doesn’t have to be that way…

Get The Great Natural Slate Myths, Secrets and Lies Now – It’s Free:

About The Author:

Haroun El-Helw from SSQ Natural Slate is a self-styled slate advocate. His information on natural slate and the roofing industry is read by thousands of architects, specifiers, roofers and other construction professionals every week. His articles have been featured in many of the industry’s leading publications such as Specification Magazine, Roofing Cladding Insulation and Roofing Today.