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If you are looking for a roofing solution which involves a low slope, complex roof you have come to the right place.

Unlike most other roofing materials, and even slate from other quarries (where sizes larger than 50×25 cannot be achieved), SSQ slate allows you to design roofs as low as 17.5° in slope.

This design flexibility makes SSQ slate a great choice for beautiful and effective low-slope slate roofs.

How are such low sloped slate roofs possible? Let’s take a look…

Slope design down to 17.5°

The design of any slate roof must consider a number of related factors:

  • The site’s exposure rating
  • Slope of the roof
  • Type of slate being used
  • Size of the slate
  • Size of the lap

Guidance on these components can be found in British Standard BS 5534:2003, The Code of Practice for Slating and Tiling.

Although BS 5534 recommends a minimum slope of 20°, SSQ has developed a successful slate roofing system that allows the roof’s slope to be reduced to 17.5° generally and under some circumstances, as low as 15° in areas considered to be ‘unexposed’.

The SSQ Low-slope Slate Roofing System uses a combination of special-width slates and hook-fixing techniques and is a result of the knowledge and experience we’ve accumulated during 25 years working within the slate quarrying and slate roofing industries. The system has been well received and we are delighted to be able to provide reference projects to substantiate its success. Contact us today for more information.

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