We understand that a creating the perfect slate roof requires both good planning and a lot of attention to detail. So to help make your specification as straightforward as possible, we offer a personalised range of specification services to include:

Design Advice and Technical Support

Our goal is to make your life as easy as possible. Designing, specifying and fitting a natural slate roof should be a hassle-free job. So over many years we have developed the following range of services to ensure that a specified slate roof is always a happy and straightforward experience.

Our services include:

  • Design advice to allow you to create low-slope roofs (down to 17.5°)
  • Advice about using slate for either heritage projects or in conservation areas
  • General advice about the roof and details such as ridges, verges, hips, valleys, dormers and working around obstructions in the roof’s surface
  • A quantity take-off service direct from your drawings to give you an indication of quantities
  • An installation method statement that’s tailor-made for your roof, giving information about the best fixing method; headlaps; roof load-bearing and grading and sorting the slates
  • Technical advice about roofing slate and what to consider when specifying, choosing or buying
  • Specialist advice about complex roof shapes and designs, eg: circular roofs, random and diminishing courses
  • Recommendations for the optimum slate for your roof
  • An bespoke specification service to complete your specification and in the format you require
  • Providing onsite advice, support and supervision during construction
  • Product brochures, technical data sheets and The SSQ Natural Roofing Slate Design and Fixing Guide

Contact us now, ask a technical question online or call us on 518 779 1790.