slate guaranteed for 100 years

The best thing about producing and supplying top quality slate is that we can hand-on-heart stand by our products and do things like give you a 100 year guarantee.

We walk tall and breathe easily around the SSQ offices because we know we can rely on the quality of our slate, and we know we can make life easier for you by removing all the risk from your decision to use SSQ slate.

We’re fiercely proud of our products and it feels as good for us to stand by them as it does for you to buy risk-free with a rock-solid guarantee.

SSQ 100 Year Slate – Guaranteed to Outlive The Building

When you choose our premium “Ultra range” slates we guarantee your roof for 100 years. With the average lifetime of a building being 50-75 years, your roof is guaranteed by SSQ to outlive the building.

ssq riverstone phyllite

We don’t do anything without offering you a guarantee. We stand by all of our slates, even the no-nonsense, fit for purpose ones. Our highest quality slates come with a 100 year guarantee, our good quality slates come with a 50 or 75 year guarantee (depending on the product) and our economy slates come with a 30 year guarantee.

SSQ Ultra Del Carmen slates come with a 75-year guarantee and that was important. Not only that, the on-site services promised - and delivered - by SSQ enabled a smooth and easy workflow.

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